To infuse new ideas of learning Mathematics, Treehouse periodically revises and updates the series of Math books used in the Primary grades. Primary classes form the foundation of a student’s knowledge. It is during this stage that the children acquire the fundamental concepts of Mathematics. Our series covers comprehensively the learning objectives to be achieved during the primary years – ages 6-10. Concepts and key skills within each chapter are developed in a structured, step-by-step manner.


Life Skills

Promote life skills that help students lead healthy, productive lives.

Mental Math

Mental Math exercises prepare children to calculate quickly.


Worksheets assess student’s ability to comprehend the concepts taught.

Easy learning

Theory is presented in simple language


Problems cited from everyday life make learning relevant..


MCQs provide timely feedback. Contribute to self learning.


Higher-order Thinking Skills (HOTS)  activities that support Higher cognition and thinking skills

New Batches

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  1. We follow the Concrete → Pictorial → Abstract approach to help students gain a firm foundation in Mathematics.
  2. Activities and worksheets allow pupils to reinforce concepts learnt
  3. We  enable them to acquire key 21st century skills such as creativity, critical thinking and problem-solving.

Mathematics – Extra Classes

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