Mathematics is the language that we use to talk about quantities, shapes, and patterns.

Recognizing numbers and knowing their name is an important step in learning mathematics, but it is also very important for children to develop number sense.

Number sense is the ability to relate number symbols to the amount they represent. Number sense includes skills such as – comparing, sequencing, estimating, and problem-solving.

We ensure that children learn mathematical concepts first in a concrete way by interacting with actual objects. This learning is then translated into pictorial representation and subsequently the use of symbols.


To understand the meaning of the symbol 2, a child needs to grasp all these facts:

  • 2 stands for the spoken word ‘two’
  • 2 stands for a certain number of objects
  • 2 stands for the second position in a sequence
  • 2 comes after/and before 3
  • 2 and ‘two’ mean the same thing